Bangladesh Science & Rationalist Association (BSRA)

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Bangladesh Science & Rationalist Association



“Where the mind is without fear

and the head is held high,

where knowledge is free.

Where the world has not been broken up

into fragments by narrow domestic walls.

Where words come out from the depth of truth,

where tireless striving stretches its arms toward perfection.

Where the clear stream of reason has not lost it's way

into the dreary desert sand of dead habit.

Where the mind is led forward by thee

into ever widening thought and action.

In to that heaven of freedom, my father,

Let my country awake!”


"Rabindranath Tegore"



Bangladesh Science and Rationalist Association (BSRA) is a social organization for creating an enabling environment for the enhancement of scientific attitude and free thinking. The organization is committed to practice social scientific knowledge to bring changes of the cultural practice of blind faith, violence due to superstitions and pseudo scientific assertion for freedom from economic exploitation, inequality and violence. On 25 April, 2012, BSRA is created by progressive intellectuals, social workers, researchers, students and cultural activists with the aim of developing social scientific knowledge which will contribute to develop Bangladesh as a prosperous, just and peaceful society.


BSRA is a non-party, creative cultural initiative, committed to secular humanism, scientific knowledge including peoples moral practical knowledge, and consider rational logic for judging all the moral standards.



We are living in a world where a large number of people are hungry while there are enormous wealth. The communication technology is very advance but many individuals are emotionally isolated, without love and alienated. There are huge military weapons and spending but people are afraid of their insecurity. There are available data and information flow and opportunity for scientific knowledge but many people believe in superstitions and have blind faith.


The technological advancement are tremendous but human mind is still chained by fundamentalism, emotions like hate and jealousy, sense of vulnerability and slave of greed. Technology brought material growth but not the spiritual freedom.


For human emancipation and spiritual freedom, the light of scientific knowledge is yet to be evolved. There are various types of knowledge exists. One type of knowledge is functioning as an instrument for control and dehumanize, and there are knowledge for emancipation. There is a need for searching knowledge that is humanizing and emancipatory. Need to move forward for the scientific knowledge without fear. Need to know the social reality for change the dehumanized social context. Only people have the ability of freethinking, scientific knowledge and humane values can fulfill the necessary condition for progressive social change.


The role of freethinking and scientific knowledge, thus primary and absolute.



BSRA is a social organization believes in secularism, equality and peace. We believe in freedom of thinking, equal rights of all the people irrespective of age, gender, cast, class, ethnicity, and community identity. We believe in cooperation, empathy and justice.



We envision a society that is secular, based on equal opportunity and peaceful. Where all the individuals enjoy basic human rights and freedom of speech, able to engage in creative professions and persuasions, and in a conducive cultural conditions. Where they are getting love and respect, a joyful life, spiritually fulfilling and symbiotic relation with nature.



• Collecting and disseminating natural and social scientific knowledge relevant for enhancing scientific attitude and free thinking.

• Encourage the understanding on social Evolution and assist practice for social scientific knowledge.

• Facilitate critical thinking, rational argumentation and creative exercise such and literature and producing cultural products.



BSRA is a voluntary organization, collaborating with individuals and organizations who are working on promoting scientific attitude and freedom of thinking. BSRA role is to create space for volunteers and support them for their initiatives.



Use educational and cultural means for the enhancement of scientific knowledge among children, adolescent, youth and elderly people. Influence policy makers for change in education system and cultural practice in favor of social scientific knowledge and free thinking.



(1) Social Research: Conducting social research on cultural practices and conditions perpetuating blind faith,superstitions and values and practices that promoting violence.

(2) Publication: Publishing books, booklets and materials promoting secular, scientific knowledge and freethinking.

(3) Awareness Raising: Organize campaign, workshops, seminars and using online social media for promoting secular, scientific knowledge and free thinking.

(4) Advocacy for Educational Reform and Cultural Change: Working on alternative education system and cultural institutions/infrastructure and dialogue with polic makers and peoples representatives.

(5) Coordination and Self Growth/Care: Cooperating with likeminded individuals and organizations. Organizing events/training for skill development (writing, research) and self care.